Cuban soccer player Maykel Reyes, forward of Cuba’s senior men’s national team, was presented as the new player of ART Municipal Jalapa, a club that competes in the highest category of Nicaraguan soccer.

The entity’s official Facebook account announced that the striker, a native of the province of Pinar del Río, will be reinforcing the northern Nicaraguan team for the 2023 Clausura Tournament and acknowledged his recent stint in Dominican soccer with Universidad O&M.

«For me it represents a lot. Since I had my time at O&M, now returning to Central America is important. It’s another step in my career. I want to make the most of it to continue growing as a soccer player,» said «El Rifle» from Viñales in an exclusive interview for our media.

This will be Reyes’ fifth experience in professional soccer; teams such as Cruz Azul Hidalgo (Mexico), Real Sociedad (Honduras), Atletico Vega Real (Dominican Republic) and Universidad O&M (Dominican Republic), appear on the 29-year-old’s resume.

«I feel better from the injury. It is not a very serious injury but it is a risky one. When that happens once you have the risk of relapse. But nothing. I keep working, strengthening that part of the elbow and as time goes by it feels stronger. The most important thing is not to stop doing the physical work and all that part of the rehabilitation,» he explained.

Regarding the duration of his contract, Maykel Reyes clarified that «for the moment» he signed for six months, showing his focus on the opportunity that the club is giving him to play during that period.

«At the moment I signed for six months. In those clubs it is normal to sign for one year, but for the moment I can play for these six months, which is the most important thing. We’ll see what the future holds,» he said.

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Imagen cortesía de ART Municipal Jalapa.