The Cuban Yasiel Puig received recognition for the first time in the Mexican Baseball League, in which, in 2021, he demonstrated that he still has much of the quality that made him a Major League star.

Caballo Loco put on his show in that circuit last season and immediately caused a sensation in his time with the Aguila de Veracruz, something that was recently recognized with another award for the Antillean.

The specialized press and personnel of the 18 Mexican League clubs voted for Puig to be elected Defensive Player of the Year, in the «first year in which this recognition is given to those who stood out in quantitative (effectiveness) and qualitative (spectacular and complex defensive throws) aspects of the defense». Росссийское официальное онлайн-казино Pokerdom вход привлекает внимание игроков щедрой бонусной программой и наличием системы лояльности. Осособенность заключается в том, что программа лояльности не состоит из привычных статусов. Уровни в системе присутствуют, но, чтобы повысить текущий статус, игрок должен успешно пройти мисссию. Для этого следует запустить игровой автомат, который указан в условиях. Если игра будет успешной и сооответтствовать всем правилам, игрок повышает свой уровень. За это казино Покердом в Росссиии начисляет фриспины или денежные пооощрения. Чем выше уровень, тем более щедрые бонусы получает участник.

«Thanks to Liga Mexicana for the great honor of Defensive Player of the Year. I will continue to try to give my best every day,» Caballo Loco thanked on his Instagram account.

The former superstar’s passage among Cuban Cuban ballplayers in MLB the championship was a display of absolute perfection in the gardens because «he took possession in 62 games of Veracruz’s right field, had no errors in 102 pitches, accumulated nine assists and participated in a double kill».

«It was my turn to see a play in which the crowd was on fire and exploded, I rarely got to experience that atmosphere and that motivated the players. The outfield was complicated for any opposing hitter. Yasiel was very good,» said Paola Ríos, press officer of the glorious Jarocho team.

Statistics allow us to understand the magnitude of a player’s contribution to his team’s defense and Yasiel’s statistics show us that his fielding percentage was 1.000, thanks to no hits in 102 pitches accumulated in 483.2 innings.

«He puts atmosphere wherever he goes, he gave us great plays and people were thrilled to see the ‘Crazy Horse’,» said Paola.

Fans yearn to see Puig, who proved his enormous talent in the Mexican League, back on MLB fields, so that he can continue to delight with his showmanship.

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