Benefited this offseason by the arrival of Cuban-American left-hander Carlos Rodón, the New York Yankees have a promising pitching rotation heading into the 2023 season, but how does Néstor Cortés Jr. fit in? in this pitching staff?

According to

it’s «the best rotation they’ve had in the Aaron Boone era as manager (…) That’s what Boone believes, and he has mentioned how excited he is to have Gerrit Cole and Carlos Rodon at the top of the rotation.

With aces Cole and Rodon leading the starting staff, Cuban Néstor Cortés Jr. could be placed as a third or fourth starter, sharing space with Dominican Luis Severino. Also, Frankie Montás, also from Quisqueyano, could complete the starting quintet.

El presagio que puso a Néstor Cortés en el Juego de Estrellas

When he was called up to the All-Star Game last summer, Néstor Cortés was the ace of the rotation, having made 28 starts and entertaining both friends and strangers with his different ways of pitching.

As part of the World Baseball Classic, «Nasty» Nestor will be part of the United States team, as announced by the institution in its official accounts at the end of November of last year.

Néstor Cortés Jr. starred in what he called «a career year» in which he shined from the mound, aided in large part by Matt Blake, pitching coach of the

New York Yankees


Néstor Cortés jugará el Clásico Mundial con Estados Unidos

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